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What is Gilded Zine?
Gilded Zine is a free, digital, all-inclusive zine focused on Bakugou Katsuki and Kirishima Eijirou in a Fantasy AU setting.
What Ships are allowed?
The Focus is KRBK/BKKR, but other ships will be allowed as long as they are the main focus.
How many contributors will be accepted?
This is all-inclusive, so everyone that applies will be selected as long as they are at least 18 years old.
What is the content requirements?
▪ Writers are expected to complete a fic between 1.5-5k words.
▪ Page illustrators are allowed up to 2 single page illustrations, 1 two-page spread, or a 3-page comic.
▪ Merch artists will vary depending on interest check results.
▪ Spot illustrations for collaborations will also be accepted.
Is there any content restrictions?
There are no content restrictions. The zine will come in both a SFW PDF and a NSFW PDF and all content will be tagged appropriately.


Interest Check: Aug 22nd - Sept 22nd
Mod Applications: Aug 23rd - Sept 11th
Mod Result Emails Sent: Sept 13th
Interest Check Results: Sept 27th

Contributor Apps: Oct. 17th - Nov. 7th
Emails Sent: Nov. 10th
Pitches Due: Nov. 20th
Check-in One: Dec. 16th
Check-in Two: Jan. 20th
Check-in Three: Feb. 24th
Check-in Four: Mar. 17th
Cover Artist Deadline: Mar. 17th
Final Deadline: Mar. 24th
Release Date: May 26th


Hey! I'm Hyuge. I'm the Head Mod on this project and also in charge of the social media aspect. I am obsessed with fantasy KiriBaku just like so many others, and just really want to bring them together in one place.I'm also the Head Mod for Shark Teeth Zine, a writer mod for the Mindful MHA Zine, Thots & Prayers (An Olivine Bday Zine), and the Tie The Knot Big Bang. I'm also a writer on a couple of other zines. You can find out more about me below:

Hi, I’m Shyn and Kiribaku is 1/2 of my entire personality. I’m one of the writer mods for the zine and I can’t wait to get my hand on all the fantastic stories and art for this project. Aside from this project, I’m also a mod for Shark Teeth Zine, and a writer for Mindful MHA and Fifty Shades of Pink.

I’m Kharm and I love all things fantasy—but especially KRBK. I’m delighted to help with a zine to bring more fantasy KRBK into the world.This is my first time as a mod.

I'm addicted to projecting onto krbk, and with a soft spot for fantasy. I can't wait to get started on this awesome project! I've modded in the BKDK Angst Zine, TDBKDK Ghost Zine and the BNHA Emeto Zine!

Hello! I'm Mint, a krbk artist. This is my first time as a mod and why am I here? Because I love fantasy au so much!

Hi, I'm Stelly! Fantasy kiribaku is my favorite thing to write! This is my first time as a mod and I am also the head mod for the Petrichor Kiribaku zine!

I'm Aki! Slowburn Demon Queen/Writing Mod
I love this pairing so fricking much AND Fantasy au? Done deal!
Mod EXP: I'm a Beta Mod for My Hero Halloween and Cam Heroes.
Writer & Beta Mod for Nova Pulse, Tie me Up, NB&Q, ReDux and two unnamed zines in progress.
(I get around lmao)

Hey, Misery here! I'm a trash gremlin who loves KRBK! Super thrilled to be helping out here!
Lycoris Radiata - Graphics Mod
Electric Feel: Kaminari Zine - Head, Layout, and Shipping Mod
Sunrise: KRBK Wedding Zine - Art, Shipping, and Production Mod
Age of Calamity Zine - Head, Layout, and Finance Mod

I googled the definition of gilded and one was wealthy and privileged. Want Barbarian King Bakugo with a sword, hands resting on the hilt, and covered in strings of jewels and gold. Want his expression smug and regal, crown on head. Mountains of gold in the background. A tail curled around the sword and his shoulder with Kirishima behind him. Clawed hand with jewels and wing spread to look like they're Bakugo's. Some dynamic lighting like the gold is lighting up his front, Kiri more in shadow.

Krbk in the “original” AU (aka based on the one from that one series’ outro). Standing in the altar of a temple in ruins, prince (or king?) Bakugo on a gilded crown and his loyal dragon Kirishima floating behind him, both with scars all over their bodies from past battles, only being able to let their guard down with each other. Light would be coming from the small window on top of them, iluminating slightly through Kirishima’s wings in an embrace that says “I’m here”.Other details: coloring and backgrounds will be heavily inspired by Zelda BOTW since I think it fits this specific AU perfectly. The grey box is where i think the logo could go, of course making adjustments depending on the size and shape of it.

The cover is inspired by the style of 18th Century European Oil paintings of royals or nobleman, so the background and the coloring would lean a bit towards being paint-like with soft lighting. The composition would be as depicted, with Babarian King Bakugou sitting on a throne wearing a crown, and Dragon Hybrid Kirishima would be standing close to him, in a warrior outfit with his horns, wings, claws, and tail out. He's also carrying swords.
There would be gold, baroque-inspired frame surrounding the two as if its an actual painting, and the title would be bottom-center, placed to be a part of the gold frame.

Barbarian Bakugou sitting on a fancy golden throne, manspreading, holding his sword and caressing the head of his dragon Kirishima, looking stoic. Dragon Kirishima’s wings are spread out in the background. Looking upward point of view with overhead dramatic lighting